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Pre-build design report for winter term 2010 June 6, 2010

Posted by pcerwatersystems in Design-Build-Test.

Hey guys,

Beneath is the full report submitted to our engineering advisors explaining the trip and the design of the water system.

Multi Disciplinary PCER Report Spring 2010

10 days until my flight!




1. James Ewing - June 19, 2010

Hi Guys – I read the report. It looks pretty good. I guess I have questions about local inspection procedures. Are you going to have to get the system inspected and certified by your local authorities? In the U.S., you would need a licensed plumber to do the work.

The report was a little vague about the design pressure head. Sometimes ‘more’ is not better. It seems to me that design pressures in residential housing are somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 psi. A 1-ft column of water of cross-sectional area of 1 inch^2 weighs 0.4325 lbs. So, in order to get 30 psi, you’d have to place the tank about 70 ft above the service point, disregarding pressure losses due to flow. Placing a 5000 liter (5.5 ton) tank 70 ft above a swamp isn’t going to be easy, or low-profile. I think you probably should consider a 5000 gallon surge tank for storage, slightly elevated, and then a pump and a pressure tank (air under pressure in the upper half, water in the lower half) for continuous feed at residential pressures. That’s the way it’s done in the U.S. when you have a well supplying water for residential purposes. Of course, that’s going to mean you have a higher demand for peak power….

Anyhow, sorry about the English system units. That’s just the way I was (mis)educated. I tend to do scientific calculations in SIU, engineering in bastardized English units.

– Jim Ewing

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