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Settling in June 21, 2010

Posted by pcerwatersystems in Community, Design-Build-Test.


Greg and I have arrived safely in Cuiaba and are getting acquainted with our surroundings in the Pantanal while waiting for Greg´s bags (with the water quality tests and sand sieves) to arrive so we can really get to work!  Today we are going to buy the other materials we need to build the water filter.  We are also comparing prices and energy demands of different water pumps that will be powered from the solar batteries at the school.

Currently water is being transported across the street from the Jaguar Ecological Reserve to a house, which is where the school will be built.  We tested the flow rate yesterday and compared it to theoretical values (look for data to be uploaded next time).  There is an old well dug next to the house that has not been used for five years, and at this point we are planning to reopen it and pump water from it up into a 5000L storage tank above the school.  We are also looking into modifying a hand pump to transport water up to the storage tank when the kids spin a merry-go-round.  We have lots to think about, but things should all start coming together in the next week!

Yesterday we went to Tito´s house to watch the Brazil vs. Cote D´Ivoire World Cup match with the GIEU group.  Tons of fun!  Look for pictures to be uploaded soon.  Back the lodge we have been fortunate to enjoy the delicious meals of Milton and the kindness of everyone at the Jaguar Ecological Reserve.  Truly an amazing place.  That´s all for now.  Another update will be coming soon. 




1. James Ewing - June 24, 2010

Hi Guys – Tell me more, please. Are you settled in and working like coolies to get things going? Any technical problems you want to talk about? If you want a practical consult, I can probably get a Stateside plumber to chime in (Greg’s mom has a relative).

Guys – keep that insect repellant on you, please. You definitely don’t want to get a case of dengue fever, or malaria.

Did you see the U.S.-Algeria game? Was that a nailbiter, or what? And the goal! That was a great sequence of passes, and Dempsey’s shot was just too hot to handle, and then the guy who started the charge, Donovan, waltzes in and chips it home. Great! I was dancing around the house shouting U-S-A, U-S-A!

– Dad/Jim

2. Amanda Ewing - June 24, 2010

I am waiting anxiously for our next update! And like my father I have many questions! So hurry up and get back into town!

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