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Pictures July 18, 2010

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Here are a few of my [Greg’s] pictures.  There’s a chance I’ll make a picasa which will have more pictures, but for now here are a few – mostly focusing on the work we did.  For some really great pictures, I suggest you look at the picasa connected to the architect’s blog.  Take a look! http://picasaweb.google.com/JamesLChesnut

The rightly named, Honey Pit

The Old Honey Pit, filled in by hand by Cory and Greg

Septic Hole for Phase I

Gravel for Bio-Sand Filter.

Brick laying in the base of the septic hole for Phase I

Laying Bricks for Phase I Septic Pit

Sand for the bio-sand filter

Main Lodge, our tents are about twenty meters to the right of this pic.

Empty Filter Container with Diffuser Railing and outlet tube

Gravel and Water before the sand.

Pouring Sand

Chapada Falls

View from Chapada

The cowboy is not dead in Brazil. This herd is about 1000-1500 big.

View from the end of the monkey path

Tree in a swamp where hundreds of white birds would sleep.

Phase II



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