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Pre-Travel Greetings April 29, 2011

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So much has happened since our last update chronicling our summer 2010 travels to the PCER site and the Pantanal as a whole!  To be comprehensively updated on the larger organizations development, I suggest the blog that Julie Bateman and Ethan Shirley keep (a link can be found in the left-hand column.)  The updates that they chronicle lead to a large milestone for our team; the first day of classes at PCER.  Pending approval from the Secretary of Eduation – school should begin in May/June!

Updates for the Water Systems team include: a new addition to our team (Welcome Micaela!), new testing on bio-sand filter (BSF) designs, and approval for our travel and design proposal for 2011!  The team will be traveling down to the Pantanal on the fast approaching date of May 4, 2011.  We are excitedly awaiting our departure on what will be – for some – our second design-build-test trip in the Pantanal.  For others (Micaela,) they are extremely excited to get into the heart of the Pantanal and start getting their hands dirty.

Opening the school will be extremely rewarding for our team, but also an anxious time for us in terms of making sure that the systems we’ve spent so long to develop work perform for the children when they get there.

Please stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to our departure.  As well, we will be updating the blog throughout our stay in Brazil for the month of May.




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