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Bom Dia de Miami May 4, 2011

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Hello All!

We – Cory, Ethan, Greg, Julie, and Micaela – have arrived safely into the Miami airport.  We arrived around noontime, and quickly got to entertaining ourselves for the 8 hour layover before our flight to Sao Paulo by using technology: (see picture below.)

Quick update:  We’ve finished our testing stateside and it shows that all of our designs are operating with very similar efficiencies.  We thereforewill implement the design that will be most easily built and maintained with local materials upon the re-inspection of the site when we get down there.

As well, I uploaded the 2011 Multidisciplinary Report detailing our trip for the purpose of informing the reader of our rough plans and agenda while in Brazil.

The latest schedule for us upon arrival (Which will be approximately 2pm Eastern time,) is for Cory, Micaela, Greg, and Julie to head down to Pocone while Ethan finds us an automobile that we will use to bus children to school in Cuiaba.

Until then,

Water Systems Team




1. pcerwatersystems - May 5, 2011

*** Update: We are almost there! Only a short layover in the capital city, Brasilia, and then a 45 minute plane ride to Cuiaba! We will be out of airports by midday.

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