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Olá!  The Pantanal Center for Education and Research (PCER) Water Systems Team is an engineering design team from the University of Michigan.  PCER is being developed on the Jaguar Ecological Reserve in the northern pantanal of Brazil.  Detailed information about PCER can be found here.

The Water Systems Team spent last semester  testing designs of water systems for PCER in partial completion of the Multidisciplinary Design Minor.  The team is traveling to Brazil this summer to build and do more tests to the systems.  This blog documents their build and test process, as well as their interactions with the community.

A special thanks to the Multidisciplinary Design Program, Ginsberg Center, and Raoul Wallenberg Endowment for their past and continuing financial support of the water systems team.

Personal thanks to Professor Margaret Wooldridge, Professor Steven Skerlos, Professor Brian Gilchrist, Eduardo Falçao de Arruda, Melinda Matice, Ethan Shirley, Julie Bateman, Johnathan Puff and James Chestnut for all of their help with this project!

We hope you enjoy reading about our continuing work and adventures!


Cory VonAchen, Gregory Ewing, and Micaela McCabe

PCER Water Systems Team



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